Lead-free solder wire 0.8mm

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High purity and high melting point lead-free solder wire The lead-free solder wire has a tin content of up to 99.3%, and it is a high melt solder. The raw material of the product is made of tin ore, and the temperature of the solder joint is 220°C - 240°C. This type of product has fast welding speed, which can effectively reduce the impact on components during the welding process; less smoke and spatter; good wettability and expansion ability, smooth solder joints, efficient deoxidation film ability, and protection welding Bright spot; no cleaning, less ionic residue, good fluidity; high insulation resistance, good electrical performance. The lead-free tin wire has a high melting point of 99.3%, and the soldering temperature is high and recommended to use a soldering iron above 50W. After soldering, it will be brighter and firmer. It is suitable for high-precision and high-quality welding of high-end electronic products such as ASIC miner hash board repair, mobile phones and computer circuit boards.


Solder content: 99.3%

Wire diameter: 0.8mm

Flux content: 2%

Product use: circuit board welding

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