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Minerfixes is a global platform that gathers worldwide professional ASIC repairing stations here. To provide services: ASIC repair, ASIC repair courses, brand official authorization for repair stations from Antminer, Whatsminer, Avalon, etc.

Minerfixes has covered more than 80 countries, cooperated with more than 1,000 repairing stations, has trained more than 1,000 ASIC repairing technicians.

The Minerfixes maintenance and training team is lead by Bitmain’s gold medal lecturers. All the reparing service stations have passed Minerfixes' strict assessment and evaluation. They are experienced in repairing all sort of ASIC problems: cotrol board, hash board, control board, power supply, etc.
Minerfixes has original genuine accessories resources, quality is reliable and guaranteed.

Minerfixes maintenance network is keeping spreading wider and deeper over the world, the training team is cultivating more and more practical and efficient elite technical masters for ASIC industry. We are expecting for your join!
Minerfixes is committed to providing better and better services for global miners.