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Whats the value of Minerfixes?

A:Minerfixes is a global platform that gathers worldwide professional ASIC repairing stations here. Minerfixes maintenance network is keeping spreading wider and deeper over the world, the training team is cultivating more and more practical and efficient elite technical masters for ASIC industry. We are expecting for your join!

Q:What services are provided on Minerfixes?

A:provide services: ASIC repair, ASIC repair courses, brand official authorization for repair stations from Antminer, Whatsminer, Avalon, etc.

Q:How to contact a local ASIC repairing station on Minerfixes? How to make an appointment for repairing?

A:We have more than 1,000 ASIC repairing stations in over 80 countries around the world, you can click and contact the customer service, or send us an e-mail, we will reply you ASAP within 24 hours, and help to find a local repairing station for you.

QIf I have zero ASIC repairing experience, will the ASIC repairing courses suitable for me?
AOur ASIC repairing courses are lead by gold medal tutors from Bitmain, who are professional and experienced, and will patiently help you learn from a begginer to a master.

QWhat are the cost for ASIC maintenance courses?
ADue to the students are from all over the world, there's a big difference in shipping, policy, etc. For exact cost, please contact our customer service.

Q:What accessaries can Minerfixes provide?

Power source unit, hash board, brand new and used chips, IC, repairing tool kit, control board, power cable, etc.

Q: Payment?

A: Alipay, usdt, Western Union, Russian RUB, T/T, etc. Please contact our customer service staff to help to confirm before payment.

Q:What is Shipping way?

DHL, Fedex, EMS, TNT, etc. Special line (door to door, and will help to do tax and customs clearance)

Q:What is the shipping time?

The goods will be shipped with in 3-7 days, depends on the stock, please contact the customer service to confirm the shipping details.