Soldering gun FR-301

Soldering gun FR-301
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Soldering gun FR-301 is an anti-static electric tin soldering gun, suitable for de-tinning of electronic components in dense or narrow spaces on hash boards and control boards, equipped with a high-precision temperature control function, and adopts HAKKO's unique sensor feedback control method. Easy temperature control CAL to achieve fine temperature adjustment. LED indicators to make it easy to see when the heater is active and idle at your temperature setting, and it has preset temperature settings. The adjustable dial on the handle makes it easy to control the temperature. There is a nozzle holder, which ensures no accidental operation when using the hot parts of the tool. Large-capacity filter tube, the sucked solder is stored in the filter tube, the capacity of the filter tube is 3 times that of previous products, and the solder of large solder joints can also be easily absorbed. A nozzle replacement wrench is an easier way to quickly remove the nozzle for cleaning or replacement (the nozzle and heater area are very hot, please handle them with care).

Note: FR-301 dismantling electrostatic tin suction gun is not suitable for continuous and frequent tin suction work.

Handy desoldering tool

Four new features to improve operability and efficiency.

1. Quick change nozzle system provides speed and safety.

The new quick-change nozzle system provides a safer and easier way to quickly remove nozzles for cleaning or replacement, even when equipment is hot.

2. Dial control for easy temperature selection

A dial integrated into the handle makes it easy to adjust temperature settings without the need for additional tools.

Setting 1: 350 degrees Celsius

Setting 2: 400 degrees Celsius

Setting 3: 450 degrees Celsius

Setting 4: 500 degrees Celsius

LED indicators make it easy to see when the heater is active and idle at your temperature settings.

3. Calculate the weight balance

The motor, pump, and temperature control circuit are optimally positioned within the body to ensure good balance when holding the gun.

4. Integrated power switch

Positioning the power switch on the handle makes it easy to turn the tool on and off and saves you from having to unplug it when you want to turn it off.

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