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938D Micro Soldering Tweezers YIHUA 938D Portable BGA Rework Tool Tweezers Soldering Iron Station High Power Heater, when it is necessary to solder electronic components, parallel tweezers can be used to heat components and solder joints. Components can be easily and quickly soldered or removed without affecting peripherals. The parallel electric tweezers design is very convenient for the removal and installation of small electronic component chips, resistors and capacitor patches on the PCB circuit board. The highest precision PID programmable temperature control program, high-speed machine tweezers actual temperature tracking detection and correction. The speed of the temperature compensation function makes the temperature error small, the Fahrenheit/Celsius one-key conversion function and the 10-minute fixed sleep function can save power and prolong the life of the tip. It is used for desoldering different welds, and it is more suitable for large welds. It can weld two points at a time with double efficiency.


Light and portable

Parallel soldering tweezers, heating both ends of electronic component solder joints

60W large power heating element, easy to disassemble

PID Microcomputer temperature control

Fahrenheit/Celsius conversion

The soldering iron tip will automatically enter sleep mode if it is not used for 10 minutes, saving power and extending the life of the tweezers


Model: 938D portable hot tweezers

Voltage: AC 220V±10% 50Hz / AC 110V±10% 60Hz

Power: 120W

Temperature range: 200~480°C

Temperature Stability: ±2°C (Static)

Working temperature: 0~40°C

Storage temperature: -20°C~80°C

Storage humidity: 35%~45%

Ground Resistor Tip: <2

Ground terminal voltage: <2mV

Temperature display: LED digital display


Connect the power, turn on the switch of the SMD soldering tweezers machine, and the work indicator LED will light up. Adjust the suitable temperature, and it can work normally after the constant temperature. If the soldering temperature is too low, the flow of the solder will be slowed down. If the temperature is too high, the flux in the solder will be scorched and turned into a white and thick dry, resulting in false soldering or burnt circuit boards. The correct soldering iron temperature needs to be set according to the solder joint. The solder alloy commonly used in the electronics industry is 60% tin, and 40% lead (60/40).

When the soldering iron table is not in use, do not keep the soldering iron in a high-temperature state for a long time, which will convert the flux on the soldering iron tip into oxides, which will greatly reduce the thermal conductivity of the soldering iron tip. After use, the tip of the soldering iron should be wiped clean and a new layer of tin should be plated to prevent oxidation of the tip of the soldering iron.

Note: When a new soldering iron tip is used for the first time, tin the soldering iron tip first to prevent oxidation of the soldering iron tip.

The reason why the soldering iron tip does not stick to the tin:

The soldering iron tip to be used is not properly tinned.

Lack of flux in soldering, tin removal, repair, repair soldering, etc.

The tip of the soldering iron is wiped on a high-sulfur or dry sponge and rag.

Contact with organic substances such as plastic materials, silicon grease, or other chemicals.

Use impure, low-tin solder.

Note: The general use temperature should not exceed 380°C. If it is necessary to use a higher temperature, use it for as short a time as possible.

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