936A electric soldering iron

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ANLIXIN 936A High Quality Electric Iron

Welcome to choose ANLIXIN 936A high-quality adjustable temperature and constant temperature electric soldering iron, electrostatic protection, rapid heating, it is a sharp tip precision electronic repair tool. The heating speed is fast, the voltage is 110v-220v.

Product parameter

Model: 936A

Product Name: Industrial-grade Constant Temperature Welding Station


Power consumption: 60W

Output voltage: AC24V

Temperature control range: 200℃~500℃

Control method: knob adjustment

Size: 170*115*90mm

Weight: 1.23KG

Electric soldering iron

Model: 907-ESD

Power consumption: AC24V~50W

Standard welding tip: 900M-BT-1

Ground impedance: <2Ω

Leakage voltage: <2mV

Heating element: No welding plug-in heating element

Handle wire material: high-temperature resistant silicone wire


1. Fast temperature rise, soldering iron tip, good tinning effect, anti-oxidation, and long life;

2. No welding plug-in heating element, high heating efficiency, easy to replace the heating element in 2 steps;

3. High-power transformer, sustainable work, rapid temperature rise;

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