3102D desoldering station

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3102D desoldering station


Model: 3102D

Product name: Anti-static two-in-one desoldering station

Voltage: 220V / 50Hz -60Hz

Power consumption: 600W

Size: 33cm*27cm*20cm

Weight: 4kg


Electric soldering iron part:

Power consumption: 60W

Output voltage: 24V

Temperature range: 200°-480°


Airsoft part:

Power consumption: 270W

Air pump form: advanced diaphragm type

Airflow: 0.25-1.6/min steplessly adjustable

Air pump power: 45W

Heating element: 250W ceramic heating core

Temperature: 100°-480°

Using ceramic heating core and anti-static device,

Extend the use time and protect the circuit board.

1: Diaphragm air pump makes the air volume more stable and soft.

2: High temperature resistant single-layer circuit board, integrated control IC chip.

3: Large transformers provide stable and strong power output.

best desoldering station

Focus on design, longer use experience and longer service life,

Efficient, fast, stable and easy to use.

Please note:

When operating the device for the first time, please remove the air pump transportation fixing screws located at the bottom!

Otherwise it will cause vibration or damage to the equipment.

3102D desoldering station for sale

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