KSGER T12 Soldering Station

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KSGER T12 soldering iron station DIY kit, temperature controller electronic soldering iron tip handle aluminum housing power supply.

Note: Do not continuously work on the soldering iron's tip at high temperatures. Working at high temperatures will easily damage the tip of the soldering iron! The melting point of ordinary solder is 183°C, and the melting point of lead-free solder is 227°C. The normal soldering temperature is 300-380°C, and 380°C is the boundary temperature. If it is higher than 380°C, the oxidation loss of the soldering iron tip is extremely fast, seriously affecting the heating core's life. The 380°C temperature display will jump, and the higher the temperature, the bigger the jump! It is recommended to carry out welding work at 300-380°C; most of them can work normally, and the temperature jumps typically, which will not affect the use! The soldering iron used in this soldering station is a brand-new soldering iron tip. Due to the unstable resistance of the new soldering iron tip, the temperature will jump or ERROR, which is a normal phenomenon. After multiple uses, the stability will gradually stabilize.


Brand Name: KSGER

Model: T12 Soldering Station

Output power: 75W (maximum 120W)

Input voltage: AC 110-240V

Temperature Stability: 5C

Size: 130*88*38mm

Output temperature: 150°C-480°C

Controller: STM32 V2.1S

Display: 1.3 inches

Hardware: 2.1S

Shortwave: 2.10

Shell material: aluminum alloy

Melting time: 8s

Power supply: 24V 5-5.5A

Battery: 3V (CR2032)

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