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PICkit3.5 In-Circuit Debugger Programmer PICkit3.5 is an online debugger programmer, the official authentic product, and the economy is stable. It is suitable for programming and programming in various situations, and can also burn hash PIC files. Compared to kit3, PIC kit3.5 has a firmware self-recovery function.

Advantages after the upgrade:

1. Offline programming will not crash. It perfectly supports all versions of software MPLAB, MPLABX, offline programming will never crash, and the programming speed is faster.

2. KIT3.5 will never drop the firmware. The firmware is self-recovering, no need to disassemble the shell, no need to flash the program, the firmware is automatically restored in 1 minute.

3. Strengthen interface protection. Using 1812 self-recovery fuse and powerful protection circuit.

4. The programming voltage is stable and the power supply current is large.

5. Improve the interface, protect the circuit, and the short circuit will not be broken.

The imported USB interface is used to prevent the USB interface from being loose after being unplugged and plugged for many times; the brand new original transparent shell, using high-quality materials, the product is more durable; at the request of the majority of customers, the surface of the shell is frosted to reduce the use of fingerprints and scratches. More durable.

This product requires personnel with professional knowledge.

We can support express shipping, including DHL, Fedex, TNT, UPS, EMS, etc. At the same time, we also cooperate with professional shipping companies. It can provide door-to-door shipping with customs duties. If you haven't imported before, we can help you out. Looking forward to your cooperation
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