New Solo Miner-Lucky Miner LV06 500Gh/s | Nice Hash Easy Mining VS. Solo Miner, Which to Choose?
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Has anyone tried to mine BCH?


great video


Hello, I want to order this miner. Will it be delivered to India.


Can you please add configuration for Username and Password in LuckyMiner LV06?

This would help to use solo miner for mining on more mining platforms.



How do I mine in a pool that asks me for a username? I can only put the pool address and the btc address from the lv06 menu. there is no user name


Good question and I agree with your question. Please ask LuckyMiner to add additional configuration like Username and Password to LV06.

Regarding Username, this might help.

It depends upon the Mining Platform. For some mining platforms / pools a username for the mining platform might be needed and a password. For other mining platforms, you simply enter an external BTC wallet address in place of the Username.

Below if from NiceHash but it may apply to other mining platforms:

Example from NiceHash:


YourMiningAddress.WorkerName - OR -


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